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How to Remove Uncategorized from WordPress

How to Remove Uncategorized from WordPress

The uncategorized category in WordPress can be annoying if you don’t change it. After all, you don’t want to publish a post about your banana bread recipe and have it show up under Uncategorized instead of Recipes. Here, I will show you how to rename or remove uncategorized from WordPress. Plus, I will teach you how to change the default category in WordPress.

Categories help group your blog posts by topic. It is necessary to select a category for every blog post, otherwise, the blog post will automatically be filed under the default category. WordPress has selected Uncategorized as the default, however, you can easily remedy this one of two ways.

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Rename Uncategorized

If you have a new category you would like to add, you can simply rename Uncategorized to whatever you wish.

To do this in your WordPress dashboard, go to Posts > Categories. Locate the Uncategorized category, and select edit.

How To Remove Uncategorized from WordPress - Edit

From here you can rename Uncategorized to the category you would like to add. Be sure to change the URL slug as well to match your category.

Don’t forget to save your changes.

Change the Default Category

If you already have your categories set up and you just want to delete the uncategorized category, you must first select a new default category.

Go to Settings > Writing. Select the category you want to be your default in the Default Post Category. If you’re not sure which category you would like to make your default, I would suggest you pick the one that you use the most. 

Save your changes.

Remove Uncategorized from WordPress

Now that you’ve changed the default category, you can now delete the Uncategorized category, if you have no use for it. 

Go to Posts > Categories. Navigate to Uncategorized and delete.

How to Remove Uncategorized from WordPress Delete

If you had any posts previously filed only under Uncategorized, it will be moved to your new default category automatically.

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